Tuesday, April 1, 2008

calvin klein resort

One of the things I like most about resort collections is that Calvin Klein (by Francisco Costa), like many designers, really takes advantage of the opportunity to try something new and stray from their normal pattern. If you look quickly through his Spring and Fall collections for 2008, they are almost entirely nude beige colors and blackish greys, respectively. So his really strong use of color and shape in the resort 2008 is really refreshing: the graphic ideas he comes up with are really inspiring in a way that can be applied to any kind of art or design. A lot of the silhouettes and color combinations could probably also be achieved with simple pieces you already own. And in the above outfit, I love the simple but unique cut of the collar and sleeves, which come up to little v's, even though the outfit as a whole is as simple as can be.

I find the shapes and proportion in this bathing suit really interesting, even though I don't know if I would actually wear it (think of the tan lines!), it's definitely a new take on the red and white lifeguard-outfit theme. The same is true for this dress with has zig-zagging vertical color blocks -- and who thought a red dress could work with coral shoes?! And I love that Francisco Costa can apply these style elements to loose, casual dresses just as easily.

The black stripes on the sides of this dress create a really nice slimming illusion, and I image it looks even more interesting when you are walking, with those lines swaying back and forth. This bright contrast in high-waisted shorts and a looser, tucked in shirt is very on-trend for this season, and I'm sure could be re-created by just about anyone with their own basics. Subtle cut-outs at the waist make this all-white look very original, complete with white leather shoes which believe me, are hard to fit this seamlessly into an outfit!

This color-blocked dress is one of my favorite pieces because of the way it contrasts the neutral off-white with such a bright pink. And because it is looser with an empire waist, this style of dress is much more wearable for the average woman than most of his dresses, which cling to every curve tightly. I think I could seriously look at this dress all day.

A very similar --much cheaper-- style is available from American Apparel, $32, and in a variety of color combinations; this is the closest to the Calvin Klein dress though.
I would really say that American Apparel owes a lot of its design and appeal to Calvin Klein, though of course it's a totally different level!

Other American Apparel dresses bear resemblances to ones from the resort collection such as these, for $26 and $35:

And this for $32:


coco said...

I'm really into Calvin Klein at the moment
The designs are so clean and simple
I love it!

Pamela said...

These designs are gorgeous! Thanks for the comment, i think i'm going to attempt your suggestion. Though i'm not overly experienced at sewing. I'll take photos and post about how the skirt turned out once i've done it. Thanks again!


i love the neutral colors.. i love the first, second, and third pics. the orange really ads something to it!


i love the neutral colors.. i love the first, second, and third pics. the orange really ads something to it!

Dollfaced Rebel said...

I really want that Pink and white dress! It's bold but not too bold

heather said...

I know! it is wonderful! I just love color block and red and green as a color combo, so instantly i fell hard

stacy said...

I am in love with Calvin Klein this year, esp. fall 08.

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