Monday, March 8, 2010

academy awards 2010

So I've been terribly remiss in posting recently, but I simply couldn't miss this! I'm a total sap, it's one of my absolute favorite nights of the year, even if this time I had to watch alone, lying in bed at 2am, falling asleep. Ah well.

My hands-down favorite of the evening was Cameron Diaz, I thought she looked like perfect Hollywood glamour: wavy hair, sparkle, red lips, smile. No ribs popping out of her chest! To me, seeing her in the dress reminded me of why we girls like getting dressed up in the first place. Gown is by Oscar de la Renta, jewels by Cartier.

I thought Meryl looked fantastic, on a big night even though she didn't win, as it marked her being the most-nominated actress ever. I thought she looked statuesque and gorgeous and happy in this white dress, and I was very pleased to read that it was by Chris March from Project Runway; a designer that I always liked work- and personality-wise, and it's nice to see that they do get good work after the show is over!

Sandra Bullock was the big win of the evening (isn't Best Actress the award people really care about, or at least remember afterwards??) and she seemed to have a sense of this beforehand, as Julia Roberts did years back with that vintage Valentino -- because she looks classic and beautiful in sparkling Marchesa. A little safe perhaps, but you never want to go into the history books in a "miss".

I always think Penelope chooses well, the gowns always suit her body and give enough drama without being too risky; I always enjoy what she wears. And I was again pleased with Carey Mulligan; she's become quite an aficionada of Prada but I love the mix of textures on the thick fabric and quirky little appliques, so I think it was just original enough.

A lovely night for Tom Ford -- I saw his film and absolutely loved it, and from his interviews on the red carpet you could tell just how proud and enthusiastic he was, which is a sincerity I really appreciate in Hollywood! I thought Robert Downey Jr was one of the best-dressed men, even if (or because??) he looks a bit goofy here, and with his sneakers and bow tie. He was having fun with it, which should be the point afterall, without making fun of the whole thing. And doesn't his wife look fantastic?? Much better dressed than a lot of the actresses in my opinion!

I liked Tina Fey's dress if not her hair-do, it's Michael Kors and though she's almost always in black or navy she's getting a little more adventurous with her outfits which is nice to see. I love Miley's dress, but was unsure of whether to post it because I think she's a little too young to really do it justice. But whoever her stylist is, well done!
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