Sunday, April 20, 2008

lou doillon

"I know I'm dressed wrong if the businessman turns his head. But I like to think that after an hour of sitting next to me on the train, he'd look. I'd have grown on him." "Style Credo: What attracts me is something broken, something a bit off. I never comb my hair or make anything pretty. When people look too beautiful, it's too easy.
On Hats: I come from a very mad, very classic family that all wore hats. I have a vintage pop-up top hat that I wear a lot. I'm like the Houdini of nightclubs, pulling an enormous hat out of a tiny bag. My favorite hat was stolen. It was a classic black moche hat, which means 'ugly' in French. The people at Chanel told me I should go to Maison Michel, the house that makes all their hats, and have it replaced.
Recent Acquisitions: A Chanel jacket and bag. I'm very proud of them. You can dress up like a tramp and have a little Chanel bag, and look so chic.
Current Projects: I just finished a three-month tour of a show called 'Lettres Intimes,' and during it, designed the winter Lee Cooper collection. I was drawing clothes for runaway girls, but like Charlie Chaplin's 'The Kid': high-waisted tweed trousers with high hems and tiny jackets. It's very moving to have little ankles and wrists showing -- they're such a fragile part of a woman. Someone suggested I design men's wear. I should. I have such trouble dressing up as a girl."
from NY Times 20.4.08; not yet available online

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