Thursday, April 10, 2008

un peu d'air sur terre

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Before there were the Lacoste airborne ads and the Vogue editorials, there was Phillippe Halsman's 1959 "Jump Book" in which he photographed leading actors and actresses, including Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and Audrey Hepburn, jumping, basically.

While the models tend to take it a little too seriously now, struggling to maintain composed faces, in Halsman's book the best part is the lighthearted, happy quality that the pose brought out in everyone, even those who were usually concentrating on sexy or sophisticated image-control.
Probably the most amusing pictures from the book are those of serious men in business suits, letting go and having a good time for once.

I'm glad that such a simple, but unconventional, idea for portraiture is coming back into style in a big way -- couldn't we all do with a little bit more whimsy and a little less pretension in fashion? It's supposed to be fun, afterall.


M* said...

I have read that you lived in Barcelona for a while, didn't you?
Entonces hablarás español bien, no? Jaja, hace muchos años que viviste aquí?

Anouk said...

Sí, yo vivía allí, solo es desde el junio pasado que he regrasado a los eeuu, pero quizás volveré a europa :)
Vives tú en Barcelona? Está todavia La Paloma cerrada? -- esto fue uno de mis lugares favoritos allí

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