Tuesday, April 22, 2008

full of herself?

One of the best things about blogs becoming such a popular medium is all the inside information and casual conversations that come to light, un-scripted, un-edited to make everyone look good. Usually it's just nice to shed a light on actresses or models or designers that you might like or hate, to get a better sense of who they are -- but then there are those other celebrities who seem to be talked about all the time without being known for their work. Emmy Rossum is loved by the fashion world and the media and it always photographed at events (and Camilla Belle is another actress like this who springs to mind), but I've never seen anything she's actually done, and can't even name anything besides Phantom of the Opera. I guess publicity just for hype is a good deal, but it also brings higher scrutiny. So when I read this conversation between her, Leighton Meester, and NY Magazine on the latter's blog (about the upcoming Costume Institute party), my own thoughts as well as those of several commentors honed right in on a bit of an attitude. Does she seem a bit stuck-up and full of herself for someone who's over-hyped as it is? Isn't comparing Wintour to the Pope a little... ridiculous... even in a context as sycophantic as the fashion world? Questions, questions. Me, I'd take Leighton over Emmy any day. A bit clueless about one of the biggest events, maybe, but at least she seems "real". Oh, how judgmental we've all become.

" New York: [to Rossum] So who are you wearing to the Costume Institute gala on May 5?
Rossum: Oh, I can't say. But I can say that Anna [Wintour]'s picking it.
Meester: Why is she picking it?
Rossum: Because Anna invited me to sit with her. I'm pretty lucky, aren't I?
Meester: That's pretty great!
New York: Did Anna say to you, "I will pick your dress"?

Rossum: No, I am lucky enough that Anna has kindly said that she'll work with me to get me a great dress. I've been christened. I feel like I was just blessed by the Pope.

Meester: Is it, like, ridiculous — the Costume? They were asking me about it, actually...
Rossum: It's, like, literally amazing. You can't not go. It's like the event of the year.
I know, but I think I'm going to be in L.A.
It's like the New York Oscars…
May 5, you said? I don't think I'm going to make it.
New York: [to Rossum] Why don't you take her over to Anna and introduce her?
Rossum: She's working. She's not even available to go to the most fabulous event. "

Read all the rest here
Ok, I promise to write on things besides Gossip Girl! And expect more about the upcoming Costume Institute Gala....


coco said...

Emmy was in The Day After Tomorrow
I find her quite dull! And her wardrobe choices never do much for me

Wendy said...

I don't even like her and now I don't think I ever will. She does sound really stuck up.

Anonymous said...

for someone who wants to get the real dish about celebs your quick to judge someone by one conversation that doesn't even have the tone of voice written in. It's like what they all say about AIM, you can't get the full context. Plus Emmy had a once in a lifetime chance. Would you risk that to ask for someone else?

Anonymous said...

Honestly... you the one who sounds stuck up.

Who are you to be able to make such broad judgments... you obviously have an over obsessive love of Gossip Girl and need to get a life.

Emmy had an amazing role in Clint Eastwood's mystic river as well. Besides her main career isn't acting, she's a singer...

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