Wednesday, April 2, 2008

so glad the gossip's coming back

I love the outfits that Blake Lively and Leighton Meester wore to this event at the Paley Center, Blake's blazer by Smythe is a great, but different version of the blazer with piping that we've seen everywhere from J.Crew to Rag&Bone and beyond (the designer of the original version is escaping me for some reason!), with a more nautical than preppy feel to it. Leighton is great as usual in a short dress in one of the season's best colors, and I love the peep toe shoes they're all wearing -- especially hers in brown and white. Taylor I could generally take or leave, both in her clothing and her always overdone makeup; sure she's 14 but they're all working with stylists so what's the difference? Blake and Leighton kept it simple and chic, and look so much better -- and more youthful, despite being older.
Photo Just Jared.

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Addison said...

leighton looks stunning, as always. when does the show air again?!

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