Friday, April 4, 2008

stylish films: alfie

One of the most stylish films from recent years I think is the Alfie remake starring Jude Law and Sienna Miller. Not the best movie overall perhaps, but I think the art direction and costumes and makeup really worked together on a much higher level than most films. A lot of it has a very modern take on a 60s feel, with the hairdos, high go-go boots and the makeup especially of Sienna's character. I also love Susan Sarandon's character who I think is inspirational in her own way: a good example of a woman in her 50s who still has it. She walks around confidently in Chanel and big dark sunglasses, and has Jude Law wrapped around her little finger and drinking absinthe at home in a silk kimono (how perfect for lounging around!). What's not to like about all that?


Libertygirl said...

hey! thanks for the link. Favour returned LLGxx

coco said...

This film is so stylish
But it is a sucky film! People should watch it on mute and just soak up the good clothes!

Anonymous said...

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