Sunday, March 30, 2008

parisian street style

I went to Paris for the first time last Easter, and as cliché as it is to say, you really do notice a difference in the level of style everywhere you go on the street. If I lived there I would either feel inspired all the time, or inadequate myself all the time (or probably both!). Anyway what I love about this outfit are the simple, utilitarian in design Repetto shoes mixed with a very sophisticated outfit, especially the caramel-colored Chanel bag. One of my main impressions when I was there was that Parisian women have a way of making sophisticated, elegant outfits always look relaxed and casual, whether they're wearing flats or heels. Even if they were wearing skirts and stilettos to pick up groceries, they found a way to look completely comfortable. I guess you avoid ever feeling over- or under-dressed that way!

What first caught my eye in these two outfits were the scarfs incorporating grey-blues, gold and black which work amazingly well with both their blonde hair and the black, white, and navy they are wearing: a great study in subtle color combinations. Somehow frenchwomen seem to work the color navy unlike anyone else. I have a vague color theory based on weather and climates, but I'll spare you! Suffice to say the different textures in the navy on the right are subtle and flawless at the same time. And the shoes! I've also just noticed -- is that a gold spoon hanging down from her neck? I have no idea but it's sort of precious if it is.

Again the subtle tonalities really make this outfit for me, from her hair into the skirt and the bag contrasting with the black. The proportion of the skirt is very "now," as they say, as well, and looks like it might have been a longer skirt tied up into a high waist with a satin sash. The fact that each element has simple and clean lines makes this outfit not too fussy, which is always important and easy to forget when you start getting enthusiastic about mixing things. It reminds me of something Coco Chanel once said, which is to put your outfit together and then take one thing off before leaving the house. It's better not to over-do it.

I normally don't like Nina Garcia (and of course she isn't Parisian) but I do like this outfit because even though it is all black she put in little surprises throughout in the silhouette and details: from the shape of the front of her Louboutins, to the flare and wide collar in the jacket, to the extra-high shoulders and extra-long sleeves covering half her hand. It all creates a nice balance without being boring.

Pictures from Elle at Paris Fashion Week


Fashion Ivy said...

I love their style. Absolutely inspirational

Dollfaced Rebel said...

The first and second pictures make me jealous... I can not wear my scarves like that, it just makes me look off. They look great!

J e s s i c a said...

I love all the pictures you posted !

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