Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my looks for spring (part one)

From Luella To start I love this simple black and white t-shirt with an illustration of Batman (I have a friend who screenprints so I might copy the design and have her make me one, I am a poor student after all). Then I really like the proportion of the short skirt and the high waistline created by layering the cardigan over it. The batman pin is an adorable touch that ties this look into the rest of the collection, and it reminds me of those pins they used to give kids on airplanes of wings back in the 90s.
I don't want to go overboard buying things with liberty-print flowers on them, since as soon as the trend passes they will probably look completely dated, but I think the pleating in the skirt is a nice way to change it up (or accordian pleating would be nice as well), or this deep-necked blouse is really wow, as long as you don't mind flashing people accidentally a lot.

These wide boldly-striped skirts from Miu Miu and Gucci are great as well, and can be worn more casually or dressy (and there are many cheaper versions made in a similar style). And I really like the black and white layering on the Miu Miu top.

H&M currently has a skirt similar to this black and white floral one from the Balenciaga Resort collection.


coco said...

Miu Miu's spring collection was so stunning! Thw white dress with the stripes was one of the best pieces!
I loved Luella's too!

Camilla said...

I like the white and black t-shirt with a soft floral skirt look :)

The Clothes Horse said...

I quite Luella for Spring too. It's fun and flirty with a geeky edge.

Mer said...

I love the Luella and Stella Mc Cartney prints for this spring. I feel so lucky, I just founded in the back of my closet a high waisted skirt with almost THE SAME flower print as luella´s... :-) Me alegre el sabado! besos!

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