Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the new presidential style

Michelle's one-shouldered white gown by Jason Wu for the inauguration balls.

During the day she wore a yellow dress and matching jacket (but must have been absolutely freezing out there!) designed by Isabel Toledo, which was quite unique. First lady fashion usually stays with blues, whites and reds, maybe a regal purple or demure pink, but only Michelle could pull off this shade. As Cathy Horyn of the NYTimes said, it really shows the adventurous spirit that she works in her life and her fashion.

Dr. Jill Biden was a bit outside the box as well, in a bright, short red coat and knee-high boots. Not the usual conservative political style at all! Apparently she always wears boots though and her daughter had them on as well. She clearly loves red as she had a gorgeous floor-length strapless red gown for the balls.

Below: the inauguration scene, and Obama's first signature as President (don't ask me how this made it online, but go figure!)

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