Saturday, January 24, 2009

bread & butter in barcelona

Everyone always talks about what great style the French and the Italians have, but to me it is Spanish people who really embrace fashion more than other cultures do.
Why? Well maybe I'm just biased, and I miss Spain (I used to live in Barça), but I love the way the Spanish will really take risks, go out on a limb with an unusual skirt, crazy accessories, a unique silhouette. They really go for a whole "look", and there's so much variety everywhere on the streets. French and Italian style tend to be more streamlined, but less quirky. I guess it's just a question of taste.
Right now they are having fashion expos in Barcelona known as "Bread&Butter"; here are some of my favorite of the street style photos taken there by Spanish blogs:

All pictures from ChictooChic, you must check out the rest of the pictures on there!


Nicole Marie said...

ive never really looked at spaish fashion but you're right, its awesome! Maegan said...

it's true, they are fab!

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