Monday, January 12, 2009

golden globes!

So I don't know about you, but I just love awards season. I guess I feel about it the way some girls feel about weddings: I never really wanted to be an actress growing up, but I did want to give acceptance speeches. Is that weird?! Haha. I guess I just like how they're frivolous and emotional and still truly a fantasy -- while most movies are more and more "realistic" and unglamorous. Loved the Golden Globes last night (especially happy for Colin Farrell, Kate Winslet and Vicky Cristina Barcelona for their wins), and here are my favorite dresses:

Favorite ladies in black:

Kate Winslet looked fantastic all around last night, and aptly so as it was finally her night to win -- twice no less. Her dress didn't look like very much on tv, but with natural light the subtle sheen of the fabric adds a lot, and I love the way it cascades naturally to the ground. Amy Adams chose exceptionally well with this black Oscar de la Renta with appliques, it has a great shape to it and is different from her usual style. Tina Fey and Anne Hathaway (in navy) weren't really risk-taking with their dresses, but each look polished and emphasized their best features. The only question I'm left with is why, out of these four, is the british actress the most tan?! It boggles the mind.

Two favorites in white:
Angelina Jolie has had much more laid-back style in recent years since having kids -- she doesn't go for the statement dresses and instead seems to want to look nice but stay under the radar. She has consistently made good choices though, and is developing a low-key style all her own. I love the casual proportions of this silver dress and how she doesn't worry about it necessarily flattering every part of her. Kate Beckinsale on the other hand, chose an amazing dress which shows off every one of her curves and creates some of its own in big ruffles at the neckline. A truly fun, beautiful dress.

For choosing brilliant colors:
I generally don't like Eva Longoria's style, but this dress was stunning when she first walked out to present her award. The color was better on tv, and the fabric was perfectly sculpted to her body as she moved. And January Jones's dress wasn't really groundbreaking but I think it was the best, most unique color of the night, and suit her perfectly well.

And other noticeable white dresses:
So yes, cream, white and beige dresses were quite overdone this year, and most of them just blended together and were forgettable. But I liked a few: Sandra Bullock's dress had a lot of movement in the tiered ruffles when she moved, and was a big step up from her usual looks. Elizabeth Banks's dress had great texture and I liked especially the cap sleeves which you don't often see on evening gowns. Demi Moore and (I can't believe I'm typing this) Miley Cyrus also looked great in cascading white dresses, Miley's by Marchesa with great gold details underneath the layers which showed when she walked.

In each case it's a matter of both poor dress and hair choices, so even if you ignore one, you can't escape the other...

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Sweet Nothings said...

I LIKED kate's, but i thought her hair ruined it

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