Wednesday, May 7, 2008

too much sad fashion blog news for one day...

I was so sad to read today that one of my very favorite blogs, Liberty London Girl, is ending because of the anonymous author's new job, which comprises somewhat of a conflict of interests. There is nothing quite as disappointing as seeing a new blog post with a vaguely conclusive title, beginning to read it, and realizing it's the end. Other readers who commented said they were upset but not terribly surprised, but I like to lie to myself about things, against all odds, so I didn't see it coming! Quite unfortunate, but there are always her archives to look at I suppose.

Then I also read on that the Gap ad featuring the Sartorialist was cancelled, even though it had already been shot. I had been quite looking forward to that, I wonder why they would pull it considering how many fans he has? The rest of the lineup for the campaign still looks interesting, but what can I say? Gap, I will hold a bit of a grudge.
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