Saturday, May 3, 2008

favorite gwen stefani styles

Gwen Stefani obviously has her own completely distinctive look (and the clothing line to prove it) but the outfits of hers that I end up liking the most are the ones that don't really fit into all that, where she tries something different. It really shows her versatility, and how good clothes can alter the image of even someone with such a clear look normally. My favorite look I think I've ever seen her in is above, at a store opening in LA for Prada a few years ago. I love the bow in her messier-than usual hair, the more neutral makeup, the mix of sheer and gold pailettes on the top, and of course the best accessory of all, the amazing stomach. Below she is in Prada again I believe, an elegant all-black look, and a great tromp l'oeil sweater and sophisticated ponytail for a school-uniform look. And with that first picture in mind, I'm off to the gym!


coco said...

I love her, I admire her beauty more than her style
she hasn't aged a single bit!

Miss Woo said...

She also looks amazing in everything, I think her statuesque figure enables her to pull off all those avant looks..

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