Saturday, February 9, 2008

It might be difficult to actually pull off, but I love the texture of the cream cotton shorts/jumper. It's such a throwback to old ways of construction, but at the same time clean and fresh and as light for spring/summer as it is stylish when layered here for winter. Something to think about anyway.

This is such a simple formula, but this woman reminds me instantly so much of someone I shared a train compartment with in Italy the last time I was there, from the loose but crisp white shirt to the perfectly not-perfect blown-out hair. It reminds me that perfect tailoring doesn't always mean form-fitting or specifically aimed at being flattering. And cuff-linked shirts are so rare for women, maybe this was a man's shirt? Only the Sartorialist would find this women in the crowds and pick up on the subtle details I think.

I like this because it's a formula that I wear most of the time -- jeans, a more interesting top or blouse, and a jacket or sweater over that -- so I always look out for different ways to keep in interesting. I love her hat as well.

From the Sartorialist's Fashion Week coverage on

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Camilla said...

The woman who reminds you of someone you shared a train compartment with in Italy looks fantastic. So elegant -yet casual and relaxed. I want a perfect white shirt and new blazer.
Nice blog, btw. Linking you.

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