Sunday, September 27, 2009

top ten ways to be in style this season

top 10 
     to be 
in style 
this season

1. leather jacket 2. slouchy pocket tee, sleeves rolled

3. oversize clutch 4. leopard print, in darker colors

5. studs, grommets, or spikes

6. christopher kane predator prints
(get nearly identical looks from his designer line from his collection at Topshop, just $125)

7. loose

8. over the 
knee boots 
(or faux the look 
with booties 
and over the knee 

9. spectators/oxford shoes 
with a skirt or shorts

10. do none of the above (haven't you heard, even Carine Roitfeld has gone preppy)


Kellie Collis said...

Loving those oversized clutch!!!

Anonymous said...

i love it! i agree completely.

i adore the loose pants, the studs and the leather jackets of course.

Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Meg said...

I really really really like this post. I don't know why I visit and rarely comment because often I enjoy your will post more!

This is a great little entry though, because you are absolutely spot on about the style and the way to wear them. Love it. xo

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AMBEr.B said...

Its all about the pastels! Love your posts
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