Sunday, December 7, 2008

marion cotillard for dior

Today for the first time I saw this new Dior ad with Marion Cotillard, and I love it. Beautiful view, beautiful composition, everything. I especially like the "natural" look they gave her, since I'm only really used to seeing her all glammed up at the Oscars, or deep (in makeup) in character.

The best way that I've found to "get to know" her though was in the Oscars Roundtable discussion from last year that I just saw recently. It has all the nominated actors talking about their lives and their work, and seeing them all interacting together you can really get a sense of their personalities more than in interviews. Skip the long introduction and take a look below:

** Note: I realize this blog has been pretty much comatose for the past... well for a long time! I've just had a million other things to worry about. Thank you to all the readers who keep coming back and who have emailed me asking about this blog; I'll try to keep it up better. :)

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