Thursday, September 4, 2008

in the theme of events in the hamptons...

I really like the re-design of; it makes everything look so enticing whereas before it was hard to find things and generally a bit dull. Anyway I was looking at a new section on the NY Scene, and found some great photos from a Rufus Wainwright concert in the Hamptons this past week.
I really loved Amanda Hearst's bright Klein-blue flouncy dress, as well as her simple and clean hair and makeup -- a perfect Hamptons look.

Then of course was the incomparable Daphne Guiness, who isn't very well known here yet, but hopefully will be seen a lot more in the near future. This outfit breaks all the rules of age-appropriate dressing, and yet instead of looking off she looks absolutely ageless. Quite an inspiration, no?

I loved the bold black-and white print of this dress, the practicality of her flats, and her cute short hairdo and red lipstick which add to the quirky feel of her whole look.

Finally, this last was a very simple outfit, but brightly vibrant, and the clever accessories and details make it something special. An easy way to transition from the beach to an event.

Can summer go on a little longer, please?


coco said...

I'm loving that blue dress. And I agree on's redesign. It looks so fresh and fabulous!

M* said...

Noo, I don't want the summer to go a little longer! It's too hot here! I want the cold to come asap!


lin said...


I LOVE YOU said...


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